We are currently working on Hiker Mk III which should be available early February. All other work currently completed within 2 weeks.

Welcome to Easy Hammock.

Hammocking becomes the new trend in outdoor pursuits, as a superior way of camping it's gaining more and more enthusiasts. With our range of hand made insulated hammocks (patent pending) we have made every effort to make it as easy as possible, so you can spend more time enjoying your adventures.

So what's so special about our hammocks?

Here is our range of what is called "gathered end, side entry, diagonal lay" hammocks. Quite a mouthful but all you need to care about is that it's currently one of the best and most comfortable hammocks for outdoor camping. And we managed to improve on it by solving two biggest problems you can have when hammock camping.

1. Complexity - As hammocking is a fairly new idea it comes with a vast array of ideas and solutions: underquilts, whoopie slings, cinch buckles, dyneema, tree straps, top quilts and ridgelines just to name a few. We managed to streamline, simplify and integrate the whole system in to a package that requires you to know one simple knot, and can be set up in under 30 seconds.

2. CBS - cold butt syndrome (google it, we are not making this up). Which means just that - cold backside. Just like when camping on the ground you need bottom insulation, otherwise you will feel cold air chilling your back moments after getting in to your hammock. Until now you had to either go in with your sleeping matt and be still the whole night, or use an expensive and cumbersome underquilt. Our solution integrate everything so there is no strings or bungee cords to adjust, you can twist and turn all night and you are guaranteed to be warm. Also prevents bugs biting through the fabric.


For more details and to find out how to make the most of your Easy Hammock, see our MANUAL video below. And don't forget to look up the FAQ page.