Choosing the right size.

You can choose one of two sizes from our range of full size hammocks, Standard and XL. The only difference is the lenght of the hammock body and the under quilt. Width and construction is the same on both models.

XL is recommended for anyone over 185cm (6' 2") tall to avoid loss of comfort like face pressing against the mosquito netting or cold feet from compressed insulation. You will also benefit from more living space and bigger underquilt coverage. If you are below that mark the Standard size will be perfectly adequate and you won't benefit from the XL model, which actually will have some drawbacks like weight penalty or zippers out of reach.

If you are right in between the sizes you have a choice between the weight saving or added comfort. I'm myself 190cm (6' 4") 120kg guy and can sleep comfortably in the Standard size, but I need to make sure I lay just right in the hammock and I really enjoy the peace of mind and freedome of the XL version where I can twist and turn how much I want.