How it's made.

Little insight in to the birth of your hammock.

EasyHammock are hand made in our workshop using nothing more than a sewing machine, pair of scissors and a box of pins.

We use 60gsm ripstop nylon which we tested to 200kg (so far) without any marks or stretched holes.

It takes on average 8-9 hours for a full size insulated hammock to be made.

60m of stitching goes in to each unit using the best Gutterman Tera polyester thread which have been picked for it's tensile strenght and resistance to abrasion, wet and UV light.

All non-load bearing joints are double stitched with independent seams for redundancy, each suspension point is tripple stitched with three independent seams (single stitch is sufficient to hold one person).

All excess fabric is trimmed away to keep the weight to the minimum and to streamline our design.

During the assembly process each hammock goes on the hammock stand numerous times to make sure everything fits and alignes properly so there are multiple quality checks at each stage of production.

They say the craftsman puts a bit of his soul in every item he makes, I remember every hammock that left our workshop.