Looking after your hammock.

Easy Hammocks are made from nylon fabric and polyester filling so can be machine washed on gentle program in 30 C. Special care have to be taken when hand washing or hanging your hammock to dry. The weight of the insulation saturated with water might cause internal seams to rip when mishandled.

As with all synthetic materials our products need to be kept away from fire and sparks.

Synthetic filling is much more resistant to moisture and mold but your hammock should not be stored wet/damp for more than 48 hours at a time. Make sure you air/hang to dry your hammock as soon as you have a chance after gettng it wet.

To preserve the insulation properties please do not overcompress your insulated hammock too often, also try to store it as loose as possible like you would store your sleeping bag. We recommend a drybag of your choice for camping trips, so you know that whatever the weather, you have a dry and warm "bed" waiting for you in your rucsack.